When we think of giving, most often our thoughts turn to money. While financial needs are often most pressing, one’s time is, in many ways, the greater gift. The Community Chest welcomes assistance at the many events we host. Services required range from selling tickets for fundraising dinners and golf days, to working at some of the events.

You can be involved! To volunteer, email us today and we’ll let you know how you can help.

Here are our regular calendar highlights:

Comrades Marathon – June
The Community Chest is an official beneficiary of the Comrades Marathon. At the 3 day exhibition the Community Chest has a stand where we sell beads and bandanas. We need people to work at the Expo.

Golf Day
Selling four-balls for golf days can be challenging: the perfect challenge for an intrepid, civic-minded salesperson! Companies and individuals joins us for a day of fun and networking on the course, and we invite those eager to take part in our golf day to contact Fadeela. Sponsorship is always welcomed.

Volunteers at a Painting project

The team from Varsity College at AH Zulu Educare centre

Day of Caring
Show you care by giving just a day of your time to a good cause. Spend a day completing tasks at children’s homes, crèches, old age homes or any of the other societies we support. This is certainly a fulfilling experience. Some of the tasks include, painting, gardening and taking children on an outing.

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