deathWe brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. We can, however, leave something of value behind. A wise man plans the safe and generous distribution of his assets after his passing. It may not be easy to talk about dying or the importance of leaving a will. But with a little care and prudent planning, your will can be a channel of blessing to others.

Leaving a clear will outlining how you wish to have your possessions and assets distributed is a gift to your family, saving them the stress and trauma of making those difficult decisions, trying to imagine what you would prefer after you have gone.

Our first responsibility is always to those closest to us. Once you have taken care of the special people in your life and any other responsibilities, it is worth leaving a charitable legacy. Your will can offer a wonderful opportunity to help the poor and needy in our community, possibly in a way that you can not afford to do now.

Bequeathing money to the Community Chest is also tax deductible for estate duty purposes, which could save your family a considerable sum.

For many decades, the Community Chest has been a favoured charity in the Durban area, with many of us seeing it as the perfect way to give back to the community in which we have lived, loved and learnt. Popular trends in bequests include the donations of assets, property, jewelry or equities (stock exchange listed shares) or the proceeds of a life insurance policy as well as funds.

Interested? Should you require further information on the above please contact:

The Bequest Officer: Celeste Netto

146 Florida Rd, Morningside, 4001
or on 031 303 3890