Find meaning through giving.Society is in crisis. Our community faces acute social challenges. It is our duty and privilege as human beings to fulfill the role we’ve been given: to give what we have to help where we can. Time. Talents. Treasure. Small or great, each contribution makes a lasting and powerful impact on the life of the one it touches.

At the Community Chest we take seriously our role as facilitators of these gifts. By assisting our donors, by ensuring that financial support, gifts-in-kind and volunteer hours make the most significant improvement possible to the lives of the needy in our region.
Through the Community Chest, YOU an be part of the solution.

  • SHARE (also known as Work Place Giving or Give As You Earn) is the Community Chest’s unique employee giving campaign. Companies or teams within organisations can donate either weekly or monthly – and your company could be challenged to match the donation!
  • Corporate donations are a way for organisations to contribute to their community, meet their BEE requirements and make tax deductible contributions to worthy causes.
  • Charitable and Family Trusts support the Chest. What better legacy to leave?
  • You can donate as an individual via cheque, direct deposit or monthly debit order. You can even make provision for a bequest to the Chest in your Will. Find out more.

At the mature and experienced age of 80, the Community Chest brings peace of mind to charitable giving. Our long history of accountability and a proven ability to deliver make it easier to part with your hard-earned money, knowing that it’s going to the right place.

Most importantly, when you make that decision to care, your support is automatically channelled to many people in need:

  • The disabled;
  • Pre-school and child care;
  • Community development;
  • Family care;
  • Prevention of alcohol and drug dependency;
  • Prevention of crime;
  • Care of the terminally;
  • The aged;
  • HIV/AIDS project;

If you are ready to show that you care, contact us.

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