In the true spirit of Ubuntu, we achieve our mission by working in partnership:

  • Raising funds from the corporate sectorBy giving to the Community Chest, companies are able to meet their Corporate Social Investment criteria and improve their BEE rating with the peace of mind that their investment is wisely used. 
  • Raising funds from charitable trustsCharitable Trusts can meet their Social Investment Criteria. Investors have the assurance that their investment is well-spent.
  • Working with companies to implement employee giving programs. Known as SHARE, Work-Place-Giving or Give-As-You Earn, these schemes improve company morale and create a company ethos that inspires and motivates employees.
  • Raising funds from individuals and through appeals and special events

Ubuntu Community Chest also works with teams on the ground:

  • Assisting local NPOs with capacity building training.
  • Assisting volunteers by placing them with organisations who they can assist.
  • Distributing donations-in-kind.