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The Community Chest offers normal members of the public a way to donate to a variety of credible Non-Profit organisations working with those in desperate need, please click here to see “WHO WE SUPPORT” https://www.giving.org.za/what-we-do/who-we-support-20192020

Donations can be made online via credit card https://www.giving.org.za/you-can-help/donate-now

Buy Debit order https://www.giving.org.za/you-can-help/donate-now

Or Via Direct Deposit into

Community Chest Sec18A Fund

First National Bank

Account Number 6203 6038 463

Branch Number 221426

Please send your name and proof of deposit to e-mail to adeba@giving.org.za or fax to 031 3034184

NOTE: All donations by individual donors qualify to receive a Section 18A Tax deductible receipt.

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