The following fall into the category of companies, purchases, organisations or services funded by Ubuntu Community Chest:

  • Organisations working in the human services field to fight poverty by addressing basic human needs and aspirations within our communities in the Durban and Coastal regions of KwaZulu Natal;
  • Registered Non Profit organisations;
  • Operational costs, e.g. salaries, motor vehicle running costs, insurance, municipal services, stationery, printing and similar ongoing requirements;
  • Program costs, e.g. therapeutic counseling, seedlings for vegetable tunnels, food for orphans or the destitute, and similar community upliftment programs.

To find out what we don’t fund, click here. If you would like to apply for funding from the Ubuntu Community Chest and your organisation falls into any of these categories, please contact us.

Note: To establish if you organisation could qualify for funding please download the attached AMBIT outline and submit the required information to the address supplied and we will contact you.