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You can save water

You can save water

Our country is facing what could possibly be the worst drought in decades. Some areas are already experiencing serious water restrictions, only receiving piped water for a few hours a day. Our organisations working with Children and the Elderly are worst affected.

Community Chest has installed 5000 litre rainwater catchment tanks at 20 different organisations in and around Durban. We identified locations on the Durban coastal belt where the tanks will have the greatest impact on service delivery and the areas of greatest need. Many of the organisations selected are experiencing an increased demand for their services due to the prevailing economic conditions.

Our rationale for going this route is:-

  • Rainwater harvesting systems is an easy method to catch free water from the sky
  • The JoJo Tanks carry an 8 year warranty and is tested to store heavy water loads
  • Water tanks are extremely efficient collectors: a 50sqm roof can harvest up to 23 000 L of water per year
  • The effects of looming municipal water cuts can be combatted as the catchment tanks can be fed from the municipal water line and kept at a necessary level to maintain basic hygiene

Tanks were professionally installed and recipients were trained on the uses, benefits and maintenance of the tanks.

The cost of installing a JoJo tank is calculated as follows:-

  • Labour, travel, material and installation per site = R10 347 including VAT
  • 8% Due diligence/project management fee per site = R828
  • Total cost for one site = R11 175

If you would like to be a part of this vital initiative, please contact us on 031-3033890.

Community Chest looks forward to providing a more regular supply of water to beneficiary organisations.

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