The Community Chest was established by the Rotarians in 1932 when then-president of Rotary realised and shared the wisdom of having one fundraising organisation operating on behalf of many welfare societies.

In the first year the budget for the operation was 15 000 pounds, providing funding to 12 member societies. Over the years, the Chest gathered momentum, bringing assistance to more and more aid and welfare societies, and helping to co-ordinate the Durban public’s contribution to charity. Today the Community Chest supports services covering almost every welfare need imaginable, and distributing funds to all creeds and race groups.

The Ubuntu Community Chest is not a charity. It is a voluntary committee of board composed largely of professionals, businessmen and women who take seriously their duty to protect the interests of the donors, and to ensure that all money subscribed is paid out to its members in accordance with the Chest constitution and good corporate governance.

There are several ways in which the Chest raises its funds to support our community.

Funds are raised from the corporate/business sector, individual donors, charitable trusts, by bequests and through our employee project (workplace giving or Give-as-you earn), which is called SHARE.

Previously, the Chest was registered with the Fundraising Directorate with the Fundraising number 06 600089 0003. Under current legislation the Community Chest is registered with the Non-Profit Organisations Directorate – NPO 002-143.

The Community Chest regsitered and operates the Community Chest Section 18A Fund which allows donors tax deduction for their support. – NPO 017-946

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