Touching communities, changing lives

We know you care. Every time you see someone in need, you wish you could help. But sometimes it seems overwhelming, doesn’t it? Where should you start? Who can you trust to get the resources to the people who need them?

Don’t give up.

The Ubuntu Community Chest is a vehicle for people who care about their community, people like you, to get involved with helping their communities in practical ways.

The Community Chest supports more than 60 Welfare and Development Organisations working in the following fields:

  • Child and Youth Care Support Services,
  • Early Childhood Development,
  • Rehabilitation, Crime Prevention,
  • General Child & Family Welfare,
  • Elderly Care, Care of the Homeless,
  • Care of the Mentally Handicapped,
  • Care for the Disabled,
  • Health Care Support Services and
  • Community Development Projects.

Our community is in crisis and can only be helped by people who cares. We know you’re one of those people, so join us in the simple act of restoring human dignity, day by day.